Farm surveys are now conducted by drone


Chris, preparing the soil for planting


Tugs, a young Scottish Highland bull


Pigs enjoying the summer afternoon


Alana is head of our bio-fuels program and has transformed our farm to use only self-produced fuels.

Our 100% renewable wind energy powers our farm, and the surrounding region


Green Energy - Wind and Sunflower Oil


Our sheep get all the outdoors fresh air they desire


Todd maintains all our equipment and keeps us running


Summer evening, 2018, and our first full crop of sunflowers


Our GPS-guided, computer-controlled Massey-Ferguson 7180 ready for bailing


Testing GPS guidance systems


Harvest time, late summer 2016


Planting sunflower, Spring 2018

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Ontario Hay & Silage

Specialty Hay and Silage Provider
Greg bales while Chris is wrapping in the background

Hay and Silage

We are a specialty provider of custom blends of grass, legumes, and other herbaceous plants as well as silage.

We offer special blends for:

  • cows (dairy blend and meat blend),
  • goats (dairy, meat, and dual-purpose blends),
  • horses (general purpose and race blends)
  • sheep
  • alpacas
  • buffaloes
  • camels
  • giraffes
  • kangaroos and wallabies
  • lamas

We also provide small packaged timothy and alfalfa hay blends for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, hamsters, gerbils, cavies, walleroos, capabaras, ferrets, and other pet animals.

Read more: Ontario Hay & Silage

Angus Sunflowers

In 2018 our Angus Scotland farm converted our 35 hectare north field to Helianthus annuus, the common sunflower. The seeds from this crop was successfully processed into over 25,000 liters of biodiesel fuel, and the remaining cake was used for livestock feed for our pigs and sheep. The green matter from the plants, the stocks and leaves, was ensilaged to produce livestock feed as well. For more information about sunflowers, continue reading.

Read more: Angus Sunflowers

Angus Biodiesel

2019 starts off a new era for Solymar Agricultural Group, as our Angus Scotland farm begins it's first year with 100% of our farm equipment run by our on-farm produced biodiesel fuel.

We were able to produce about 750 liters of high grade biodiesel fuel per hectare of sunflowers.

Our 2018 crop of sunflowers has produced over 25,000 liters of fuel to completely power our farm and has produced a surplus that was sold. Biodiesel from sunflowers not only reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, it helps reduce emmisions as well. Biodiesel produces 45-65% lower greenhouse gas emmisions, and reduces particulate matter by 50%.

Read more: Angus Biodiesel

About Us

Carrer de la Devesa, 19, Gandia, Spain

Tel: +34 615 339321


Solymar Agricultural Group is a wholly owned subsidary of Solymar Group Limited with agricultural holdings in Spain, Scotland, and Canada.