Farm surveys are now conducted by drone


Chris, preparing the soil for planting


Tugs, a young Scottish Highland bull


Pigs enjoying the summer afternoon


Alana is head of our bio-fuels program and has transformed our farm to use only self-produced fuels.

Our 100% renewable wind energy powers our farm, and the surrounding region


Green Energy - Wind and Sunflower Oil


Our sheep get all the outdoors fresh air they desire


Todd maintains all our equipment and keeps us running


Summer evening, 2018, and our first full crop of sunflowers


Our GPS-guided, computer-controlled Massey-Ferguson 7180 ready for bailing


Testing GPS guidance systems


Harvest time, late summer 2016


Planting sunflower, Spring 2018

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Ontario Canada

Our 67 hectare mid-Ontario farm raises organic pigs, outdoors, in the sun and fresh air. They have protable shelters throughout their paddocks, and can return to the barn at any tie should the weather warrant it. They are only ever locked in the barn if a severe winter storm is approaching that would risk their lives. Otherwise, they can seek the fresh air, or shelter, as desired.

We also raise organic, GMO-free wheat, barley, oats, and corn.

We never use glyphosphate based sprays or products on any of our crops. We have also banned the use of bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides on our properties. To further protect our products, and the environment, we have worked with other local farms and have established a 3 mile buffer zone around our property.

Fertilizing with organic manure
Fertilizing with organic manure

Hay and Silage

We are a specialty provider of custom blends of grass, legumes, and other herbaceous plants as well as silage. We offer special blends for cows (dairy blend and meat blend), goats (dairy, meat, and dual-purpose blends), horses (general purpose and race blends), and sheep. We also provide small packaged timothy and alfalfa hay blends for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other pet animals.

Angus Scotland

Our 80 hectare farm in Angus, Scotland, ethically raises sheep and pigs, in a clean, outdoor environment. The animals get all the sun, and fresh air they desire.

We have currently switched our crop production to over 80% sunflowers as we have established a bio-fuel plant on-site, and are now producing all our own fuel for on-farm use. The remaining 20% of our crops are a mix of wheat, barley, and grasses to feed our livestock.

Our pigs are naturally foraging animals, primarily eating leaves, roots, fruits, and flowers, in addition to some insects and fish. We do not feed corn or soybean meal to our pigs.

Our sheep eat wild grass, clover, forbs (broad-leaf plant other than grass), and other pasture plants. They especially love forbs. In fact, it is usually their first choice of food in a pasture. For this reason, we maintain several large pastures for our sheep and rotate the animals to new pastures frequently.

While we do produce and market some blends of hays and silage, we do not offer as wide a selection as our Ontario farm.

Valencia Spain

The latest addition to our family of organic, ecologically friendly farming enterprise is our orange and olive farm in the province of Valencia, Spain.

This historical property has been producing oranges and olives for over 400 years, and possibly much longer.

We are now the proud stewards of this property and will continue it's illustrious heritage. We are maintaining the historic values that have been used on this property such as never using pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemical products, while updating to the latest technologies with GPS guided drones, robotic weeders, and computer controlled watering systems.

Insect control on Spanish farms has long been managed by smoking the orchards. Large fires produce massive amounts of smoke and particulate pollution, most of which floats away on the wind before doing anything to the orchard. Our unique and custom smoke tunnelling system improves this ancient art, while being more ecologically sound. Filters first trap the majority of particulates before they leave the enclosed burners. Then the smoke is piped directly to, and released under, each tree individually. This puts all the smoke right where it's needed, in precise, controlled amounts. This reduces our carbon footprint as we can use smaller, more controlled fires, that release 90% less pollutants than a typical Spanish farm produces, while getting better results in our orchards.

About Us

Carrer de la Devesa, 19, Gandia, Spain

Tel: +34 615 339321


Solymar Agricultural Group is a wholly owned subsidary of Solymar Group Limited with agricultural holdings in Spain, Scotland, and Canada.